Free Vehicle Valuation Report

Find out how much your vehicle is worth

If you’re considering selling your car or buying a new one, it’s important to know what the car is worth. Our vehicle value report can tell you what the value of your vehicle is at trade and at retail value and includes all the particular information on your vehicle that you may not know such as make, model, transmission type, engine size, and more.

How to use the free vehicle valuation report

Simply enter your name, email address, phone number, and vehicle details and a report will be generated for you. Once you enter these details, a report will be emailed to you.

PLEASE NOTE: The reports offered are based on estimates using industry data and values can vary depending on factors like mileage and condition of the vehicle. 

For an accurate, individualised vehicle valuation, a physical inspection is required. By using this free report, you acknowledge that AA Inform, AA South Africa, and Lightstone Auto hold no liability for the information provided.

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