Fuel Consumption Calculator

Our Fuel Consumption Calculator helps you estimate how much fuel a car / motorcycle / truck / bus will use at different distances in kilometres. We often use it to determine fuel or petrol consumption.

We use petrol to do so whenever we travel by car or motorcycle. When we plan our travels, knowing our vehicle’s fuel or petrol consumption from a recent long trip can help us plan our future trips more accurately.

What is fuel consumption?

Petrol consumption is the amount of petrol you consume while driving. It includes not only the amount of fuel you burn in the engine but also the amount of fuel that is lost in the exhaust pipe and the amount of energy that goes to waste due to incomplete combustion. Fuel consumption is measured in litres per 100km (L/100km).

Fuel consumption is a measure of how efficient a vehicle is in using up fuel. The lower the fuel consumption number, the more efficient it is. A car measures its efficiency in litres per 100 Kilometres (L/100km).


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